It is a great honor and privilege to serve at the Altar of our Lord and therefore your participation as an Altar Server is special.
When you serve the priests and deacons, you serve the people of God, and above all, you serve Christ.
As an Altar Server, you are involved in the holiest and most sacred event in our tradition of Catholic worship. Other than priests and deacons, no one else
is allowed to so closely play a part in the preparation of the Eucharist. During the Mass, our Savior becomes truly present on the altar. It is a great mystery, but it lives at the core of our faith.
It is important that you, as an Altar Server, be attentive and sensitive to the presence of God while performing your ministry around the altar. Servers must remember that everything that they do is for the
Glory of God. As an Altar Server, you will do things that others will never do. You will learn things that others will never know. You will see the Mass in ways that others may never see it. You will do it all for the Honor and Glory of God. Accordingly, Altar Servers have a solemn responsibility to do their assigned duties with the utmost dignity and reverence.

We need Parish Youth, Grades 5-12 in the 2023/2024 school year to serve Sacred Heart Church as an Altar Server.
Please call Kirsten at 610-372-4010 to add your child to the Altar Server training list.

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