Thursday, September 21st

The late Pope John Paul II blessed six Monstrances for use for people to pray for an increase of vocations to ordained ministry and consecrated life. The Monstrances were designated for Eucharistic adoration for vocations for each major continent or geographical area around the world as a symbol of the connection between the Eucharist and priestly vocations.

The USCCB gave the Monstrance to Serra with the instruction to fulfill the Pope’s request: to ensure that this Monstrance be used in local parishes so that all Catholics far and wide would come together and pray for vocations.

On Thursday, September 21, the North American Monstrance will be at Sacred Heart Parish for Adoration:

  • From after the 8am Mass until approximately 10:15 am with simple Reposition (students are scheduled for adoration);
  • From 6-8pm for regularly scheduled Adoration with recitation of the Litany of the Blessed Sacrament and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.

Please try to take some time during this special opportunity for prayer and grace, asking our Eucharistic LORD to bless the Church, and especially our diocese with fruitful increase to the Ordained Ministry and Consecrated Life.

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